Why stay in Villas

Thanks to its magic weather providing adequate rainfall and long periods of sunshine, its unforgettable scenery marrying sea and mountains through dramatic rice field terraces. Bali is certainly one of the best resort islands in the world, the different arts mixing traditional and modern, extraordinary blessed by nature. Rent a villa is the best way to enjoy Bali in family or group of friends with cheaper price than any hotel. A numerous and charming staff are taking care of the guests to reach a personalized service even better than in any five star hotel. Now further more, Bali provides extraordinary luxury villas very well designed with large open plan areas, astonishing swimming pools, and all the modern comfort to enjoy the unique climate and the incredible atmosphere.

Luxury Private Villas
The villa stands alone within a large area with strategic and nice view, amenities and facilities are from best quality standard, luxury taste on exterior and interior design, well privately maintained and served by reliable management with qualified staff.

Private Villas
The word 'villa' is now very fashionable and easily used by many simple 'houses' or small bungalows or even a hut. Hence we are very careful by making a constant selective evaluation to all villas listed. This is to ensure that the quality of the villa is still on requested standard. Villa must have a private swimming pool within the compound, and its all facilities are for its guests only.
Categorized into a private villa if it really stands alone on a compound and is not joined with any other adjacent property to provide good service, it must be served by troop of private staff supported by a private chef.

Experience the Different Holiday in a Villa
The major concern why we strongly advise you to liberate yourself from the old and ancient way of thinking about a holiday plan is Guests can safely avoid tourist main concentration, while they still can happily experience a Real Bali Holiday. In a private villa nobody joins, you and your family are the only visitors. You may have your meals anytime you want to. And have a great access to discuss any menu you need with the private chef. Your family may play in the pool without being disturbed by any other person you do not recognize. You may also arrange your own schedule of the day in freedom.

A real peace, comfort, tranquility, freedom and privacy while you keep enjoying facilities and amenities of a luxurious hotel can be truly happen. In hotel all facilities such as swimming pool or restaurants are for all hotels visitors. Safe Reservation on a Private Villa in Bali. In view of the fact that a last minute booking is too risky to find the requested villa. We always recommend all guests to book villas at least two months prior to the arrival date; many enthusiastic visitors can not really see the difference between other tourist accommodation and villa. This will be the key of your happiness and comfort during your staying in Bali. You must be very careful and ensure that your contact is capable and really knows the villa completely as in recent times there are countless agents offer many villas in Bali. Whilst the others keep the same price, having a good affiliation with many villa-owners means bigger chance to come up to you with a better rate as many owners are pleased to offer their villa with special price for a longer booking.

One Villa is for One Reservation
Each villa has its own character and fully equipped with its own kind of amenities and facilities, even sometimes standard of a bedroom is different with the other bedrooms, the whole condition of the villa is logically for is one villa is for one reservation. Nobody is allowed to enter the compound without your permit. Should an important guest wants to make a site inspection to the villa, the supervisor or manager of the villa must respectively speak with you to get your permit This policy is a guarantee that protection to our guests` freedom and privacy is essential. We are constantly prepared to be your good assistant by providing more alternative options to enable you make up your mind to get The best value for your best vacation.

How to Book a Villa
The price of each villa is clearly stated on the webpage (The Rates button). This is very important information because the rate of villa inquired will guide us to understand your standard. When you browse, read all our villas information including its price on the webpage, feel suitable with the villa and desire to stay there on your retreat, please submit the reservation form after you fill it. Once we receive the form, we assumed our terms and conditions have been read carefully. Then the status of its availability for the requested period will be advice by our staff if it is available, if it is not then, we will guide you to consider more option based on the quality of villa inquired.

On the next correspondence we will personally provide you exact information regarding the villa inquired.

Bali Trip International Liability
Our company ( Bali Trip ) is an agent who works between our client (villas customers) and villa management or individual owner. Therefore our customers must understand and acknowledge that the contract is between them and the villa management or the owner as clearly mentioned on our Terms and Conditions, we will also act as a mediator if a relevant communication between both mentioned parts is difficult or even a problem occurs on the spot. To ensure our all customers are satisfied with their chosen villa and experience a peaceful and memorable holiday.

Value of Private Villa
We recognize there must be a gap between guests` expectations about staying in a villa and the reality they will find. To ensure that all customers are happy with all services provided, we keep checking every aspect of the villas listed or offered meet the expecting standard. If you wish to rent a villa for an extensive time period (longer term of staying), or want a last minute booking, we will do our best to accommodate your needs. In a villa, guests have a great chance to get direct contact with the genuine Balinese people. Speaking about price, there is an essential common practice needs to understand that in Bali the whole thing is negotiable.

Only very few people realize that it is more economical staying in a private villa than staying in a hotel. Its price may look higher, but they have to count the total rooms they get and the value of the privacy and freedom they can enjoy. All hotels in Indonesia charge a standard 21% Government tax and service and they still have to share all non-room facility with all guests staying at the hotel,Villa is the perfect answer for a family trip or reunion. If a hotel room is quoted at US$ 100.-/night, you will actually have to pay US$ 121.-/night. Then, yet doesn`t include meals, snacks by the pool and perhaps laundry services, you will probably end up have to pay about US$ 170. - Per day. This is still about room.

Amenities and Facilities
Every villa must have a private swimming pool; this is a value to ensure that the villa is really private one. Then it also has a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, cutlery, kitchen utensils, cookware, and variety of glasses, etc.). All villas listed on this website are fully equipped with amenities and facilities needed by guests come for holiday. The villas also provide towels, bed linens, toilet paper, soap or even anti-mosquito coils. Unless specially noted, every villa has DVD Player or television (mostly villas have a satellite TV), air-conditioning system, audio system, Some villas even have more amenities such as putting green, pool table, mini library, CD and DVD collections, gym facilities, tennis court or tennis table.

There are some clear jobs have to be done to keep the villa on its best such as gardeners, pool attendants, house maids, and even security guards. Normally security-guards come to work during the evening hours, though there are some villas with 24-hours security guarded. Grounds maintenance will include cleaning and balancing the pool, plus tending the garden. All villas also have cooks who can prepare both Western and local cuisine as requested. These people come every day to provide all household services as well as maintaining the grounds and facilities of each property. Household duties will include daily cleaning, room tidying. Some villas provide free laundry, but many villas will do a surcharge. All private villas offered are fully staffed.

Tropical Homes
Bali is a tropical island. Sun shines everyday. One thing that is more difficult to control is the surrounding tropical environment: mosquito and other insects. Though the staffs do the daily cleaning and pest-control with care, insects will occasionally intrude upon the space you have rented. People who come to experience a real Bali holiday enjoy this style more than those problem created by the insects.

During your stay, the staff will shop locally and prepare meals at your request. Most international food and drink products are available in Bali. Bali contains numerous places where one can purchase a variety of food and beverages including local markets and western style supermarkets. Nevertheless, for any special dietary needs, please ask before your arrival as to availability and cost.

if you are bringing small children, your information will be very helpful, as we will have to select a villa safe for small children If needed, we will also organize other services such as babysitting and nannies; cost is at guest`s account. Many guests come to Bali with small children even babies Villa is the perfect answer for a family trip.

Swimming In The Sea
Current underflows can be strong, always swim between the red and yellow flags, don`t swim too far out! Do not leave your belongings unattended on the beach.

Telephone system in Bali is not as reliable as those in many modern countries. Many villas have a phone line with better connection. On this modern age, we and all villa owners also understand that we can not be away from network hence we want to provide to the guests an internet access in their villa`s. However there are many villas (in Canggu - Tanah Lot area, or Ubud) which only have a "CDMA wireless phone" (telephone with antenna).Some of them then installs the broadband system. However the fact that sometimes there is no phone line. If your villa is situated in Canggu area and do not bring your laptop with you, alternatively you may visit any of cyber-cafes (they call it Warung Internet or Warnet) dotted around the major villages and towns.

Should you desire to have mobile phone service during your time in Bali, you are welcome to bring your own GSM phone that is roam-enabled for Indonesia, and/or purchase an Indonesian GSM new number and voucher Mobile telephones in Indonesia are of the GSM standard (prevalent in Europe and Asia).

We highly recommend you to hire car with driver. Our drivers are yearly experienced in tourism and works for 8 hours per day following Indonesian labor law. Using car with driver will ensure your safety since the traffic condition in Bali is totally different with you have in your country. Their English many not be perfect, but they may become your good assistants in exploring the island by visiting the most important place of interest and their helpful and friendly attitude will make you feel safe.

Our staff with driver will be welcoming you at the airport and escort you to your villa as our price-standard always includes airport transfer service (1 time check-in and 1 time check-out).You may ask the staff to make a short visit to any supermarket if you need to purchase simple needs for your days in the villa.

Tips on Villa Holiday
Our representative will have a short meeting with the villa-staff to run your special request (if any) and conduct a short tour to every section of the villa and introduce the staff to you. Many guests are happy for staff to come in late and go home early to keep their extra privacy. To get a real Bali experience, please make contact with the staff as many as possible. With their limited ability in speaking English they will happily talk with you about their culture and religion.

Security Procedure: please deliver photocopies of every one`s passport; villa staff has to register your arrival at the local police department. Most villas have a safety box where you have to keep your valuables. Staff will advise you the way to operate it. Neither villa owner nor our company will be responsible with loss of personal possessions.

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